Leendert Ambtman Narratives

“Dear members, donors, interested,

Since I have recently joined as (assessors current) Secretary to the National Council of the Libertarian Party is the time to introduce me to those who do not know me. My name is Leendert Ambtman, I’m 41 years old and I live in Amstelveen. I am married and have two children aged 5 and 7 years. I have business economics at the Erasmus University and Register Controller Training at Nyenrode. I joined the LP in the second chamber elections and am then treasurer / secretary visited the LP Amsterdam.

Now I want to devote myself as a secretary in the national board of the LP. My personal motivation for my commitment to the Libertarian Party are actually not so pompous. The current system goes against my sense of justice, I believe that a planned economy and capitalism is not working well and I believe in personal freedom without government interference.

The municipal elections in Amsterdam have taught me that electoral success for the Libertarian Party is a story of perseverance. We had I believe a good campaign that we made it just for our opportunities well. We had monthly Café Bastiat lectures, we take pictures and as much as possible online, a beautiful campaign spotlight, articles written by local media, debates organized with other small parties, a multimedia campaign and our party leader came several times on radio and television.

For me personally a disappointing result, but I do have an explanation and found that timing. It could be that the time just is not ripe yet for despite all your good ideas, efforts and development. So I would like the board to drive a lot and leave as the time is ripe, it’s ready to harvest.


Leendert Ambtman”