After Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union: up! urges free trade with Great Britain

“Up! is pleased with the decision of the British electorate to withdraw from the EU. This decision is an opportunity for the UK, Europe and Switzerland. up! Calls for Switzerland against the United Kingdom already to signal interest in a real, bureaucracy-free FTA. For example, Britain would have to bear less conversion costs and Switzerland have a strong partner for future negotiations with the EU.

Allen Black Paintings defiance is this day a great day for Europe. The EU has unhealthy developed in recent decades, namely away from a loosely interwoven FTA, towards a bureaucratic superstructure with the declared aim of wiping out the competition between systems in Europe. It is this system of competition, it is who has made Europe ever so liberal, innovative and diverse. The exit decision of the UK population, the exit option in the EU is ever established. The competition between the systems can play back more. If the withdrawal from the EU is possible, the EU is braked in their centralization pursuit. Maybe they will even back by the right cooperation model, namely a liberal-inspired Free Trade Zone.

Therefore hopes up !, the government and parliament in Britain take today’s vote seriously and actually initiate exit negotiations. In these negotiations, the UK now has the ability to emulate Norway and Switzerland and once again to prove that the rejection of EU regulation has nothing to do with the rejection of free trade or immigration there. Should the British to do so, also the follow-up costs of the Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union likely to be limited. To assist the British in this endeavor, to which Switzerland already signaled interest in an agreement, in which the free movement of goods, persons and capital is guaranteed on both sides. So Britain can confront the economic fears that it will shut itself off with a move away from the EU in the world. Switzerland also a strong ally receives so in future negotiations with the EU and helps to build a liberal alternative vision for cooperation in Europe.”