Argentina Elections



From IALP, we want to express our congratulations to Milei and La Libertad Avanza, for the remarkable result obtained in the recent Argentine elections on November 19th. Milei, with a titanic effort, first in his media participation and later in his foray into politics, has succeeded in spreading the message of freedom among the Argentine people. These citizens, for many years, were affected by statist ideas implemented by the Peronist party and other opposition parties, plunging the country, which was once an example of progress and economic freedom, into a lamentable situation.

It is important to emphasize that libertarian ideas encompass freedom in all areas, a concept that Milei understands perfectly. Therefore, we hope that right-wing leaders seeking to capitalize on their election do not distort the true purpose of these ideas. At IALP, we sincerely wish great success in their management, with the hope that it contributes to the emergence of libertarian thinking in as many countries as possible.

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