“For freedom and individual self-determination to Brussels”

Partei der Vernunft

Our candidates (from left to right) are Jan Hensen, Jens Alter, Michael Bienek, Markus Mieth, Irakli Betchvaia, Dirk Hesse, Thomas Flach, Dr. Regine Tuckermann, and Rudolf Mayer.

Next year, the election for the 10th European Parliament will take place. PDV also intends to position itself as early as possible to give a consistent voice to the values of freedom and individual self-determination. For this purpose, our nomination party congress took place in June. In total, we elected 13 candidates to our joint federal list.

Heading the list are our federal chairman, Dirk Hesse (NRW), our deputy federal chairman, Thomas Flach (SN), and the Lower Saxony state chairman, Markus Mieth (NI). Following them on the list from position 4 are our federal board members Irakli Betchvaia (NI), Rudolf Mayer (BW), our federal managing director Jens Alter (SN), Friedrich Dominicus (BW), our federal finance director Michael Bienek (SL), Dr. Regine Tuckermann (SH), Jan Hensen (NI), Frank Albrecht (NRW), Georg Semmler (RP), and Florian Schulte (NRW).

Further details regarding the European election and the upcoming PDV election campaign will be provided soon.”

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