Our History

The IALP was formally chartered by its Founding Members on March 6th, 2015, in Bournemouth, UK. In attendance on that day (both physically and virtually) were representatives from:

  • Libertarian Party, UK
  • Libertarische Party, the Netherlands
  • Mouvement des Libertariens, France
  • Partei der Vernunft, Germany
  • Parti Libertarien, Belgium
  • Partido Libertario, Spain,
  • Unabhängigskeitpartei Up!, Switzerland
  • Libertarian Party, USA
  • Libertarian Party of Russia
  • Libertarian Party of South Africa

Signing the Declaration and Constitution of the Foundation of the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties. Left to right: Patrick Smets (Belgium), Guy Montrose (UK), Geoffrey Neale (USA), Jean Francois Nimsgern (France)

From the founding meeting of the IALP. Representatives of Libertarian Parties from around the world gathered in Bournemouth, England on March 6. Left to right: Patrick Smets (Belgium), Guy Montrose (UK), Jean Francois Nimsgern (France), Geoffrey Neale (USA, seated), Dirk Hesse (Germany), Daniel Martinez Martinez (Spain), Silvan Amberg (Switzerland), Toine Manders (The Netherlands).

The IALP is an association as defined in Art. 60 and related articles of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) with legal domicile in Baar, Switzerland.