Roald Schoenmakers

IALP President
Member Of The Management Board

Mark Hinkle – Libertarian Bio

Board Members

Mark Hinkle – born January 28, 1951, in San Francisco

Married: Linda Hinkle w/ son Logan

Home: 17545 Chesbro Lake Drive, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Email:, tel: 408-779-7922

Libertarian activities:

  1. Voted for John Hospers in 1972 and every LP presidential candidate since then.

  2. Lifetime member of both LPC and LNC with Ed Crane signing my National LP membership card

  3. 8 times candidate for partisan and non-partisan offices

  4. Twice winner of the Sons of Liberty award for most principled campaign

  5. National LP Thomas Jefferson award winner 2022

  6. Campaign Manager for first LPC candidate on the ballot in 1980 (Bill White for State Senate)

  7. 6-year LPC Chair, elected to 2 one-year terms and 2 two-year terms

    1. 2 years as LPC Northern Vice Chair

    2. 2 years as Santa Clara LP Chair

    3. 5 years as Santa Clara LP Vice Chair

  8. As LPC Chair 1997-2001 tripled LPC membership to over 6,000 dues paying members (UMP)

    1. Raised funds to hire fulltime Executive Director

    2. Raised funds to open fulltime office in Southern California

    3. Hired fund raiser for monthly fund-raising letters

    4. Hired newsletter editor for monthly printed newsletter

  9. 25+ years on LPC ExCom

  10. 13+ years on LNC NatCom

  11. LNC Chair 2010-2012

  12. Former Platform Committee member for both LPC and LNC

  13. Former Chair of LPC Judicial Committee

  14. Served on LNC/LPC Bylaws Committees

  15. President of Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association – 10 years

    1. Written over 120 ballot arguments against tax increases in 4 counties

  16. Liaison between LPC and American Muslim Alliance resulting in a resolution being passed through both housed of the CA Legislature condemning the un-Constitutional parts of the USA Patriot Act

  17. Founder and Director of Development IALP (International Alliance of Libertarian Parties)

  18. Lifetime member of Libertarian International

  19. Spent 30 years in the Hi-Tech world (IBM, Hitachi Data Systems, Sun Microsystems) and now 20 years as a small business owner: Life Saver pool fence of San Jose

  20. LPC Cal Expo State Fair Project Manager 2016, 2018, 2019, 2022

Toine Manders

Board Members

Toine Manders has been serving as Member of the European Parliament (MEP) since 1999. He served for the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy from 20 July 1999 until 17 October 2013 as part of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE). He left the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy to become the party leader for the 50PLUS party in the 2014 European Parliament election. After the 2019 European Parliament election, Manders joined the EPP Group. Since 2 June 2020 he is no longer representing the 50PLUS party, but the CDA party in the European Parliament.

Gerardo Caprav

Executive Secretary

Ethics Committee at Partido Liberal Libertario (Argentina) (2009-12)
Foreign relations Secretary at Partido Liberal Libertario (Argentina) (PLL) (2013-14)
Signed reciprocity agreement between PLL (Partido Liberal Libertario – Argentina) and P-Lib (Spain) July 2013
Contributor at Instituto Mises Hispano (2012-2017)
Community Manager and Executive Secretary at Instituto Amagi para la Libertad(2015-)