Join the IALP

Join the IALP

Membership in the IALP is open to any established political party, or provisional party seeking recognized status, that engages in real political activities, is essentially libertarian, and does not promote or endorse any diminishment of individual liberties.

Membership is not open to individuals.

Membership is not open to affiliates or subsidiaries of Members.

There is no limit to the number of Member parties from a single country.

New Members are admitted by a vote of the current members.

How to join? All new members must formally request admittance, and formally accept the terms of our Charter. Once this has been done, our membership will decide upon admittance of the requesting Party.

Membership in the IALP may be revoked by a 2/3 majority of the Members, and no cause is needed to do so.

What do we mean by essentially libertarian? We recognize that politics is a realm of selective prioritisation of objectives and methods. Each Member chooses which issues, causes and candidates it supports. This leads to differences of strategies, and the emphasising or de-emphasising of various perspectives. We do not impose on our Members, but we expect them to advocate for the increase of personal liberties, and to never advocate for the diminishment of personal liberties.