IALP Charter

IALP Charter as Amended April 21, 2018 in Prague, Czechia

Article 1 – Name and Domicile

  1. “International Alliance of Libertarian Parties (IALP)” is an association as defined in Art. 60 and related articles of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) with legal domicile in Baar in Switzerland.

Article 2 – Purpose

  1. The Purposes of the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties (IALP) are:
    1. to establish, maintain and promote a harmonious and collaborative network of independent libertarian political parties from around the globe;
    2. to foster and facilitate the sharing of political strategies, tactics, experiences and best practices among its Members; and
    3. to establish, maintain and promote libertarian political perspective and solutions as a global brand.

Article 3 – Separate and Distinct

  1. The IALP is an organization separate and distinct from the myriad of libertarian organizations aimed at philosophical, economic, cultural, educational or any other non-political objective and will strive to not compete or be seen as a competitor to such organizations.

Article 4 – Voting

  1. All votes of the Assembly shall be determined based upon 2/3 of those Members voting by a published due date, or those recorded as in attendance, whichever is applicable.

Article 5 – Members and Membership

  1. Any political party that has been accepted into the IALP will be deemed a Member.
  2. Membership in the IALP will be open to any established political party, or provisional party seeking recognized status, that engages in real political activities, and is essentially libertarian, and does not promote or endorse any diminishment of individual liberties.
  3. Membership shall not be granted to affiliates or subsidiaries of a Member.
  4. There shall be no limit on the number of Members from any country.
  5. The IALP shall have no authority over any Member beyond those specified in the Charter.
  6. The IALP shall respect the autonomy of the Members.
  7. The Founding Members of the IALP shall be those parties which ratified the Charter prior to the Founding Conference in Bournemouth, England, in March, 2015.
  8. Subsequent to the Founding Conference, new members shall be those parties which:
    1. have formally requested membership in the IALP;
    2. have officially ratified the Charter;
    3. been sponsored by one or more Members through submission of membership to the entire Assembly; and
    4. have received the approval of the Assembly.
  9. A member may terminate their membership in the IALP at any time, for any reason.
  10. Any Member may have their membership rescinded by a vote of the Assembly.

Article 6 – Assembly

  1. The Assembly shall consist of all Members of the IALP.
  2. The Assembly shall be the governing body of the IALP.
  3. The Assembly shall be the sole body with the authority to amend the Charter.
  4. The Assembly may delegate any authority not restricted solely to the Assembly as it sees fit.
  5. The Assembly shall establish its own rules and procedures, so long as those rules and procedures do not violate the Charter.
  6. Each Member shall designate a Representative, and is solely responsible for determining their Representative, for all voting matters.
  7. Each Member shall have a single, equal and indivisible vote in the matters of the IALP, and only the Representative of a Member may vote.
  8. In the case of a dispute within a Member as to the official Representative, the Member’s votes shall be recorded as abstentions until the Member resolves the dispute.
  9. Invitations to physical meetings shall be sent to the Members at least 60 days in advance.

Article 7 – Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee consists of between three and seven persons. It consists of at least a chair, a secretary and a treasurer.

Article 8 – Amendment

  1. The Charter may be amended by a vote of the Assembly.

Article 9 – Financial

  1. The IALP shall be solely responsible for generating its own income.
  2. Members shall be provided with accurate financial statements on at least an annual basis.
  3. The  liability is limited to the means of the association. The Members are not liable for the association.

Article 10 – Dissolution of the association

  1. The association can be dissolved by a vote of the Members. In the case of dissolution the means of the association shall be distributed equitably between the donors.