Vlášek: Emission allowances are the cause of expensive energy. Free Citizens Party. Czechia.

The EU is in crisis. The prices of emission allowances are still rising. The price of the emission allowance exceeded the threshold of 100 euros. This is a record amount and a big risk for the current industry. Our newly elected vice president, Robert Vlášek, sees the cause of the energy crisis precisely in emission allowances. The increasing price of emission allowances has a large share in the final price of electricity and other energies. At the same time, increased production costs are reflected in food prices. It turns out that the European Union’s climate protection attempts are contributing to the current economic crisis. Further plans within the so-called Green Deal could bring European market competitiveness to the freezing point. As Svobodní, we propose withdrawing from the Green Deal. We believe that banning internal combustion engines and increasing the price of emission allowances will cause significant damage to the economy. In the long term, we consider the European policy for climate protection to be insufficiently transparent and ineffective. Do you see it the same way? Join us! Become our supporter and support us in our work. We will always defend a leaner and more economical state that does not throw sticks under the feet of hardworking people.

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